Tianjin Inter-tech Corporation (ITC), established in 1984, is the first Sino-foreign joint venture consulting company (Tianjin Science & Technology Commission and Singapore ACT Group) in China with registered capital RMB 15.50 Million Yuan. ITC owns an experienced counselor team, over 80% counselors have master degree from famous university all over the world. ITC owns not only several professional consulting teams which engaged in different fields (HR,Marketing and so on) respectively but also an external expert network which consists of over 200 high-profile experts as the honorary advisers of ITC.

Since established, ITC has already successfully completed over 1000 consulting and service assignments for foreign and domestic clients and enjoys an excellent reputation among customers.

        1. Market research
        ITC has been engaged in market research for 20 years, especially in auto, IT, telecom and medicine field. The data gotten from market research is the base of scientific market judgment. The information source and market resource procedure are as follow:
        Source collection: Collecting data from released statistical data, magazine, newspaper, kinds of professional report.
        Preliminary analysis: Organizing data for confirming next step work program.
        Questionnaire and telephone survey: By questionnaire and telephone survey, getting more data.
        Field visits: Visiting related government department, competent department, publisher of newspaper and magazine, research institution, user and competitor.
        Data analysis: Finishing comprehensive analysis and draw a conclusion.
        Finishing the report: The final report will be submitted to the client after review by ITC quality director and experts committee. 
        Moreover, ITC is the member of CMRA and Europe ESOMAR. ITC is the first batch company which obtains Class A qualification of foreign-related investigation from national bureau of statistics.

        2. Management consulting
        The feature of ITC management consulting is the perfect combination with western management knowledge and real situation of Chinese enterprises. The ITC management consulting team member graduated from Wharton School, MIT, Manchester University, Ghent University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Tianjin University, Nankai University, Tianjin university of finance and economics, etc. The team members own not only good education background but also actual work experience in international enterprise.
        ITC management consulting includes:
        ?Enterprise strategy consulting
        ?HR consulting
        ?Business process reengineering consulting
        ?Financial counseling
        ?Marketing strategy consulting
        ?Enterprise cultural construction consulting
        ?Investment and feasibility studies

        3. Organization performance enhancing consulting
        ITC expert team is engaged in enhancing organization performance level
        1)Performance management
        ?Performance management
        ?Performance management process
        ?Performance management target
        ?Performance indicator’s form and content
        ?The condition of building performance management system
        2)Setting KPI (key Performance indicator)
        ?The meaning of KPI
        ?KPI design method
        ?KPI system
        ?Practical application
        3)Work target setting
        ?The meaning of work target setting
        ?Work target design
        4)Performance plan
        ?The meaning of performance plan
        ?Operating performance plan
        ?Employee performance plan
        5)Performance coaching
        ?Daily work coaching
        ?Midterm review
        6)Performance evaluation and performance application
        ?Performance evaluation
        ?Performance application
        ?Performance revision



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